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About Honey Glow Farm

Honey Glow Farm is owned and operated by John and Sheri Kohn. Their apiaries are located in pristine northern Wisconsin, an area of rolling fields, shimmering lakes, green pastures and sunlit forests. John's family has lived in this area for generations, dairy farming on an original land grant farm from 1857. John has tended bees here for almost thirty years. Sheri, a 3rd generation Californian, married John (and the bees) in 1992. As their beekeeping business grew, so did their product line.

Initially, bulk honey and beeswax were sold to commercial resellers. The first retail honey sales were straight from the honey bulk tank, then bottled honey and candles were added to the small farm market at their home apiary. The Honey Glow Farm store on Ebay followed, greatly expanding their customer base to the entire US and beyond.

While the retail segment of the business was growing the commercial side was also growing and becoming more diverse. More colonies were added and soon a portion were being sent to Texas for making the nucs to fuel more growth. The bees eventually became part of the largest insect 'migration' in the world, that of honeybees being shipped to California for almond pollination.

Somehow, despite the many challenges of today's environment, the bees have thrived and during the past several years the sales of surplus honeybees, queens and supplies for fellow beekeepers has become an additional springtime activity. It is John and Sheri's hope that this website will provide added convenience for their customers and a means to share their love of nature and honeybees with all who visit.

"Honey Glow Farm is, most importantly, about the bees. We are beekeepers first, and our primary focus is on the health and wellbeing of our tiny 'partners', the hundreds of thousands of foraging honeybees that work tirelessly to collect the very essence of flowers. These often overlooked, sometimes feared little creatures are more than a little responsible for making life on our planet the rich experience it is. Without them much of our daily lives, from the food we eat, to the landscapes we walk through, would be bleaker and less diverse. We consider ourselves fortunate to be stewards of these incredibly fascinating insects."      -John and Sheri Kohn

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